The Applied Mechanics Testing Group (Grupo de Ensayos Mecánicos Aplicados- G.E.M.A.) is a team integrated by professionals from the Department of Aeronautics, School of Engineering of the National University of La Plata (Universidad Nacional de La Plata - U.N.L.P.) who perform technology transfer throughout special services, testing, research, assessment and technical support to industries and companies.

GEMA has implemented a Quality Assurance System

GEMA has been certified by your management system of quality certified by IRAM standard IRAM-ISO 9001:2015, R.I 9000-625, and the accreditation of its laboratory testing accredited by the OAA with accreditation according to the standard IRAM ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Nº LE053.

Our activities include:

  • Performing static and dynamic tests conventional and unconventional standardized in various types of materials and finished products.
  • Experimental measurements on components and structures.
  • Structural analysis by conventional methods, finite element methods.

The aim of our services is the rating and / or certification of specific products in order to meet current quality requirements. We conducted different types of tasks, measurements and mechanical tests, all normalized by national or international standards, in all kinds of materials, components and finished products. All these works were done on different products industries as aeronautics, space, automotive, electrical components and general industry.

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GEMA's UID is in a process of continuous improvement of quality getión system in order to continuously improve the quality of service offered to customers. The quality of our activities is a constant effort on which we are focused continuously.

Based on the teams that are acquired and demand trials, GEMA is constantly being studied and assay development to continue expanding the offer accredited test

Certificaciones del laboratorio
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